Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies to distinguish you from other users, provide a better experience when you browse our website, and improve our site’s performance and usefulness. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

A cookie is a small data file that websites can place on your hard drive when you visit. A cookie file can contain information such as a user ID that tracks the pages you’ve visited within that site. The cookies on this website are primarily used to recognize that a user has visited the website previously and to track user traffic patterns. We do not correlate this information with data about individual users, nor do we share this information or sell it to any third party.

If you prefer not to receive cookies through the site, you can set your browser to warn you before accepting cookies and refuse the cookie when your browser alerts you to its presence. You also can refuse all cookies by turning them off in your browser. You do not need to have cookies turned on to use any pages within our website. For more information about cookies, including how to set your browser to reject cookies, visit

Types of Cookies We Use

Following is a list of cookies with brief descriptions, to better inform our users why we use cookies on our site. For your convenience, we have split them into two categories.

Functionality Cookies: These are used to recognize you when you return to our website, enabling us to personalize our content for you, greet you by name and remember your preferences (for example, your choice of language or region).


  • ASP.NET_SessionId: ASP session state information is contained in this cookie, which allows us to remember portions of the users visit, to better serve relevant information.
  • CGSH: When a user clicks to “I Agree” on the bottom banner, we drop this cookie on them. It allows us to no longer show the user a choice they already made.
  • cgsh#lang: With this, we keep track of the user language, if a user chooses to display portions of the site in a different language.
  • mobileNav: This provides menu stickiness, allowing other sites to link to specific features of our top menu.
  • sc_expview: Internally used cookie, helps our content editor to keep track of how we view the site.

Tracking Cookies: These cookies enable us to collect information such as number of visitors to the website and pages visited in order to analyze user behavior. This information is collected in an anonymous format and will be collated with similar information received from other users. We use these cookies to determine the usefulness of the information we supply to you and other users and to see how effective our navigation is in helping users reach that information.

  • _ga: This is a cookie from Google Analytics, which we use to anonymously track user trends. We use this to improve our site.
  • SC_ANALYTICS_GLOBAL_COOKIE: This is another analytics cookie, allowing us to anonymously track user behavior, which provides vital feedback for us on where to improve our site.

Cookie Expiration

The cookies will remain on your computer after the browser is closed. Until removed, the cookies will become active again when the website is reopened. Cookies can be deleted by you, at any time, and will not collect any information when you are not accessing the website.