“How does Cleary foster well-being at the firm?”

Cleary has always prioritized well-being and in 2020, Cleary  established two key resources to action and advance this commitment:

  • Global Well-Being department: firm resource to support the personal and professional growth of all members of the Cleary community.  We approach well-being from a holistic perspective and across a framework of four specific areas of content: Connection, Guidance, Support, and Health.  Our mission is to empower and enable members of the Cleary Gottlieb community to live skillfully and work well, and we organize this work into three key objectives:
    • Educate lawyers and professional staff on a variety of well-being topics
    • Enable our colleagues to invest in their well-being through tools, tips and awareness
    • Enhance the overall Cleary experience, with a particular focus on issues of stress & anxiety; work-life balance & availability expectations; and healthy working relationships

Overall, our goal is to successfully contribute to a work culture where mental and physical well-being are open topics, well-being resources are accessible and stigma-free, and the behavior of all lawyers and staff is expected to promote and support general well-being. Our team continues to strive, meet and exceed Cleary’s commitment to all tenets of the ABA Well-Being Pledge which is a key component of our well-being initiatives.

Well-Being Advisory Committee (WBAC) in New York: consultative board comprised of senior lawyers and associates, focused on well-being and the overall work experience.  Through recommendations, guidance, feedback, insight, and discussion on issues affecting associate mental and physical wellness, the WBAC contributes to a Cleary culture where well-being is an open, important, and dynamic part of the workplace conversation.