Professional Development

When you arrive at Cleary you’ll receive more than a handshake and an orientation package. You start with a say in the kind of law you would like to practice and the assignments that you want to handle.

Training and Mentoring Associates

We encourage new associates to hit their stride quickly—taking responsibility in client matters early in their careers—and we give you the training to do just that:

  • We present concepts and insights—business, legal and financial—that delve into the particulars of the transactions and litigation matters you’ll face every day.
  • We help you build the broad skills that will make you a nimble and well-rounded lawyer.
  • An experienced mentor will guide you through professional and personal life at Cleary.
  • Expectations are clearly defined, and your progress is measured against benchmarks set out in our training programs. 

Cleary is a firm where lawyers at all levels talk to each other frequently and freely, so working and training go hand-in-hand. If you feel that you haven’t received an adequate opportunity to strengthen your skills in a particular area, bring it to our attention. When you voice an informed opinion about work or life at Cleary, you’ll find a wider audience and more influence than you might expect. 

Learning Your Practice 

  • “MiniMBA” Program: New associates spend their first two weeks in a full-time program that covers the basics of Wall Street, finance, accounting and other topics usually found in an MBA course. Our goal is to ensure our associates’ functional literacy in the business and financial topics they will encounter in practice. Our program includes a full-time, in-house financial trainer who leads many of the courses and, throughout the year, offers continuing MiniMBA business and financial trainings to help our new lawyers build on this knowledge base throughout their careers.
  • In-House Accredited CLE Program: Comprehensive courses for lawyers with all levels of experience and in all practice areas are offered throughout the year—in person and online.
  • Core Skills Training: Our “Everything they didn’t teach me at law school but I need to know to practice” approach will help lawyers transition from recent graduate to practitioner.
  • The Cleary Core Curriculum: An in-house training program that delivers the practical knowledge you need to be a great lawyer, from project management to negotiating with difficult adversaries, from business development to mentoring junior colleagues.
  • Practice Group Meetings: The D.C. office holds weekly practice group meetings to update all lawyers on legal and business developments and, wherever possible, provide CLE credits. Many of these sessions involve lawyers from other offices participating via videoconference.
  • Pan-European and U.S. Practice Group Meetings: Annual or biannual events that provide education and insight, as well as an opportunity to meet colleagues from different offices.

Informational Intelligence

To ensure that our lawyers have access to the most up-to-date information, our extensive intranet makes internal and external practice resources and administrative information available 24/7:

  • Know-how databases from which details of precedents, advice and memoranda can be quickly retrieved.
  • Real-time discussion forums to share experience and knowledge across the firm.
  • Desktop access to a wide variety of external business and legal electronic information services.
  • The newest technological applications and mobile devices so you can easily work and connect to all of Cleary’s databases while out of the office.