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The Purchasing & Supply Group is the team responsible for facilitating the procurement of solutions and services. They seek to maximize value and minimize risk by effectively managing a diverse supplier base. Cleary Gottlieb’s sourcing and procurement is driven by the fair and ethical treatment of its suppliers which is encapsulated in its Supplier Code of Conduct and its commitment to supplier diversity. All suppliers, current and prospective, should be familiar with the documentation and requirements detailed herein.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Supplier Code of Conduct outlines the firm’s position with respect to expectations around corporate social responsibility and fairness as they apply to suppliers and third party services providers. All current and prospective suppliers in all geographical locations are required to abide by this code and communicate it to those interacting with Cleary Gottlieb. Cleary Gottlieb will periodically review this code and make revisions when needed.

Link to Supplier Code of Conduct

Supplier Registration

Before completing and returning the Supplier Information Registration form provided below, all prospective suppliers shall read and confirm compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct detailed above. Download the Supplier Information Registration form, complete and return it to

Link to Supplier Information Registration

For suppliers selected to or actively doing business with Cleary Gottlieb, it is required that detailed information concerning your organization, background, performance and general business processes is submitted for formal appraisal and approval purposes by the Purchasing & Supply Group and subsequently refreshed periodically. Suppliers are required to complete the below Supplier Information Profile prior to being officially setup as an approved supplier of Cleary Gottlieb and thus able to receive payment. Upon request by the Purchasing & Supply Group, download the Supplier Information Profile, complete and return it with the requested supporting documentation to

Link to Supplier Information Profile

Supplier Diversity

Diversity and inclusion were among the founding principles of Cleary Gottlieb, and over its history, the firm has continued its strong commitment to those principles. Cleary Gottlieb strongly believes that promoting diversity strengthens the entire firm. As part of Cleary Gottlieb’s commitment, the firm acknowledges the significance of maintaining a diverse supply base and recognizes the importance of Diverse Suppliers (Minority-Owned and Women-Owned Business Enterprises; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender Business Enterprises and Disabled Owned Business Enterprises) to the economy, the communities they serve, as well as the firm.

Link to Supplier Diversity Policy

Standard Terms & Conditions of Purchase

Cleary Gottlieb has a library of standard terms and conditions that it employs when procuring goods and services. Suppliers will be asked to review the relevant agreement for the commodity under consideration during the formal procurement process. However, where specific terms and conditions have not been agreed, the Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase, referenced on the firm’s purchase orders and accessible below, shall apply.

Link to Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Suppliers doing business or looking to do business with Cleary Gottlieb, based on their geographical location, will be required to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement as part of the supplier on-boarding process. Copies of the applicable regional agreements can be accessed below.

Link to New York NDA

Link to Washington NDA

Link to London NDA

Questions & Contact Information

Any questions or clarifications required regarding any of the above shall be directed to

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