Citi in $3 Billion Notes Offerings

May 16, 2019

Cleary was counsel to the dealers led by Citigroup Global Markets Inc. in two public notes offerings by Citibank N.A. (Citibank).

Citibank offered $1.5 billion floating-rate notes due 2022 and $1.5 billion 2.844% fixed-to-floating rate callable notes due 2022. The notes were offered under the exemption from registration found in Section 3(a)(2) of the Securities Act, and will be issued on May 22, 2019. Cleary also acted as counsel to Citibank in establishing its notes program.

Citibank, a wholly owned subsidiary of Citigroup Inc., is a national banking association with more than 1,350 branches around the world. Citibank’s principal offerings include consumer finance, credit cards, mortgage lending, and retail banking products and services; investment banking, commercial banking, cash management, trade finance, and e-commerce products and services; and private banking products and services.