Founded in a spirit of inclusiveness, personal and professional responsibility, compassion for the needs of others, and dedication to improving the communities in which we live and work, Cleary Gottlieb remains fully committed to the duties of good global citizenship.

Click here for a short video highlighting a few of Cleary’s recent pro bono engagements.

We believe pro bono work should be a mindful choice, one that expresses both personal and collective interests. So rather than make pro bono work mandatory at Cleary, we fully support the voluntary legal efforts of all of our lawyers.

  • Cleary employs full-time pro bono attorneys dedicated to developing, strengthening and managing its award-winning pro bono practice, including a Director of Pro Bono who specializes in impact litigation and representing survivors of gender violence, a Pro Bono Attorney who specializes in representing nonprofits, small business and social enterprises, and a Pro Bono Immigration Attorney who assists in managing all aspects of Cleary’s robust pro bono immigration docket. 
  • Cleary lawyers logged more than 100,000 hours worldwide to pro bono legal counsel and public service efforts.
  • The firm sponsors two public interest externship programs—on a rotating basis, firm associates are placed for four months in a full-time position at either MFY Legal Services Inc. or Lawyers Alliance for New York while receiving full salary and benefits from the firm. In 1968, we were the first law firm to establish such a program.

We approach our pro bono work exactly as we approach our paying cases: putting the full needs of the client front and center. A supervising partner at the helm of each project ensures that we leverage the full resources of the firm to solve complex legal problems, provide assistance for growing social problems and add value to all required client services.

Notable Pro Bono Projects

Our relationships with various public interest organizations open doors to a range of pro bono opportunities for all of our lawyers. Among the many recent pro bono matters handled by the firm, Cleary lawyers in the U.S. have:

  • Mobilized to represent individuals affected by the travel ban
  • Successfully sued the City of New York on behalf of women who were sexually abused at Rikers Island
  • Helped New York City Housing Authority low-income tenants formalize  home-based catering businesses.
  • Fought for increased transparency and accountability in law enforcement in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. 
  • Defended the voting rights of African Americans in North Carolina
  • Won humanitarian relief for over 100 individuals and families from around the world fleeing persecution.
  • Represented domestic violence survivors in obtaining orders of protection
  • Secured a landmark victory in a consumer fraud lawsuit against conversion therapy providers for claiming to change individuals from gay to straight.
  • Cleared relevant criminal records for dozens of sex trafficking victims.
  • Represented defendants sentenced to undue harsh sentences as juveniles.
  • Helped community organizations form sustainable public/private partnerships to expand their missions.
  • Assisted veterans in accessing benefits.
  • Fought for the rights of transgender individuals denied access to public facilities and medical benefits.
  • Created public benefit corporations for social enterprises.

In New York and Washington, D.C., pro bono areas include:

  • Art and entertainment law
  • Civil rights
  • Criminal defense and death penalty cases
  • Environmental justice
  • Family law
  • Housing litigation and affordable housing development
  • Immigration 
  • International human rights
  • Not-for-profit and microfinance law
  • Social enterprise and small business representation
  • Special education litigation
  • Veterans’ law

With 16 offices on four continents working seamlessly as one firm, Cleary has the ability to serve pro bono clients almost anywhere in the world. Whether it’s furthering the cause of democracy, helping establish satellite offices for nonprofits, ensuring safe communities for citizens or advising NGOs, Cleary takes on pro bono matters that enable us to leverage our global capacity to have a larger impact.

In addition:

  • In London, Cleary was the second U.S. firm to sign the Joint Protocol for Pro Bono Legal Work and is active with LawWorks, the leading pro bono resource for legal volunteers in the United Kingdom.
  • In Germany, the firm has been providing pro bono support in response to the ongoing refugee crisis, both directly to individuals and to organizations serving refugees. Among other projects, our attorneys have focused on ensuring that refugees have access to Wi-Fi and asylum support, as well as researching and exploring the wider sociological context of the crisis.
  • In addition to its usual range of pro bono work, our New York and London offices have well-developed community service programs that promote leadership and the pursuit of higher education, while bridging the gap between our lawyers and young people in our communities.
    • New York: For more than 25 years, our New York office has partnered with the Washington Irving Campus in a multiprogram year-round initiative to prepare public high school students for college and adult life.
    • London: Cleary lawyers in our London office engage in an annual six-week legal skills curriculum for 13- and 14-year-old pupils attending schools in under-resourced communities.

If You Need a Pro Bono Lawyer

Cleary Gottlieb does not accept direct requests for pro bono representation. Our pro bono clients are referred to us by legal services organizations. If you are in need of pro bono legal representation, you may be able to find help from one of these resources:

Get more information about pro bono at Cleary here.