Pro Bono Client in Win on Disability Claim Appeal

May 19, 2006

Cleary Gottlieb won a disability claim appeal for pro bono client Ms. B., obtaining Social Security disability benefits after the Social Security Administration denied her initial benefits application. The SSA initially ruled in Ms. B.’s favor at a January 26 hearing, during which an SSA medical expert questioned Ms. B. However, new evidence discovered shortly thereafter delayed a final favorable decision until May 19.

According to her claim, Ms. B. suffers from depression with psychotic features, which makes it very difficult for her to engage with or relate to other people. Due to this disability, Ms. B. claims she has been unable to work.

In preparing Ms. B.’s appeal, the Cleary Gottlieb team researched Ms. B.’s medical condition and the applicable Social Security regulations, and prepared Ms. B to testify and answer the questions of the judge and medical expert. In addition, the post-hearing investigation of additional evidence involved numerous phone calls with the Internal Revenue Service, local banks and the SSA. The team worked closely with Brooklyn Legal Services on the appeal.