ESG Guide: Overview of the ESG Regulatory Landscape

November 16, 2021

Cleary Gottlieb associate Toon Dictus co-authored the legal memorandum, “ESG Guide: Overview of the ESG Regulatory Landscape,” which was published by the Belgian Corporate Governance Committee.

The memorandum provides an overview of the European Union and Belgian ESG regulatory framework and forms part of the ESG toolkit of the Corporate Governance Committee. The toolkit helps companies and their directors understand the complexity of ESG issues in the context of sustainable value creation and risk management, as well as helps them determine, implement, and communicate their sustainability strategy. To read the memorandum, click here.

The memorandum was prepared in context of the ESG platform, an initiative from Euronext, the Corporate Governance Committee and the Belgian Federation of Enterprises, in which Toon Dictus as one of our Belgian sustainability lawyers engaged in discussions on the enhancement of sustainable value creation by companies against the backdrop of the Belgian ESG (‘Environmental, Social, Governance’) framework. Clara Cibrario Assereto from Cleary’s sustainability practice also contributed to the memorandum as one of our experts regarding EU ESG regulation.

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