Market Abuse Regulation: Impact on U.S. Public Companies

June 13, 2016

On June 13, 2016, the firm published an alert titled “Market Abuse Regulation: Impact on U.S. Public Companies.”

With the July 3, 2016 entry into force of the Market Abuse Regulation now only weeks away, U.S. public companies with debt, equity or other securities admitted to trading on EU regulated markets or “multilateral trading facilities,” or contemplating such admissions to trading, have limited time to assess and prepare for the new EU-wide market abuse regime. This memorandum supplements our prior memoranda in this area by focusing on the Market Abuse Regulation’s implications for U.S. public companies’ ongoing obligations and ordinary course activities and provides updates in an evolving area as implementation approaches.  As the memorandum explains, the impact on companies with securities trading in Europe could be very significant.