Selected Issues for Boards of Directors in 2019

January 16, 2019

As 2019 begins, companies continue to face global uncertainty, marked by volatility in the capital markets and global instability. And while change is inevitable, what has been particularly challenging as we enter this new year is the frenzied pace of change, from societal expectations for how companies should operate, to new regulatory requirements, to the evolving global standards for conducting business.

As companies navigate how to adapt, they are being held to increasingly higher standards in executing a coherent, thoughtful and profitable long-term strategy in this ever-evolving landscape. This memorandum identifies the issues across a number of different areas on which boards of directors, together with management, should be most focused.

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Diversity Considerations

Human Capital Management Moves to the Front Lines

Among the Many Risks Boards Manage, Don’t Forget CEO Risk

Opportunities and Challenges for Compensation Committees

The Evolving State of Cybersecurity

Key Data Protection Considerations

Risks to the Buyer of Fiduciary Duty Breaches by the Target in the M&A Sale Process

The Challenge of Internal Forecasts for Directors in the M&A Context

Antitrust Enforcement in the United States, Europe and China

CFIUS Enters a New Landscape

United Kingdom Government Intervention on National Security Grounds