The Changing Landscape of Arbitration in Switzerland

Advent of the Swiss Arbitration Centre and the 2021 Swiss Rules Revision

June 17, 2021

On May 19, 2021, the leading arbitral institution in Switzerland, the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution, ceased to exist in its previous form and was replaced by the Swiss Arbitration Centre Ltd., an entity formed by the Swiss Arbitration Association and the seven Swiss cantonal chambers of commerce whose prior affiliation established the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution in 2008. 

On June 1, 2021, the revised Swiss Rules of International Arbitration also entered into force. The revision process included an in-depth consultation of both practitioners and users while it resulted in comparatively modest changes, including with the goal of modernizing and codifying existing practice.  In parallel with these notable developments, “Swiss Arbitration” – a new portal for Swiss arbitration and ADR – was formally launched with the goal of providing comprehensive access to information related to arbitration in Switzerland.  These developments follow on the heels of the entering into force of the revised Swiss International Arbitration Act in early 2021 and continue to pursue the aim of maintaining Switzerland’s position as a leading venue for international arbitration. 

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