U.S. Tax Reform: A Beginner’s Guide

January 26, 2017

The drumbeat of news and rumors about tax reform has increased significantly since the Presidential inauguration last week.

The changes that are under consideration could have dramatic consequences for domestic and multinational businesses, investors in U.S. assets, issuers of dollar-denominated debt, and the broader economy. This topic is too important to be left to tax professionals.

The changes would represent a radical departure from the current U.S. tax system, and from prior tax reform proposals. It is impossible to predict at this stage which features will be included in final tax reform legislation, or when that legislation will be enacted. But key members of the House of Representatives are strongly committed to some of the most sweeping changes: they need to be taken very seriously. The presentation is intended for a non-technical audience—bankers, deal professionals, businesspeople, lawyers, and investors: people who need to assess the implications of tax reform for their businesses and investments, but are not themselves tax experts.