David Pérez de Lamo’s practice focuses on European and Spanish competition law.

He works for international clients in antitrust, merger control, and State aid proceedings before the European Commission and the Spanish Competition Authority (CNMC), as well as in litigation before the EU Court of Justice.

David joined Cleary Gottlieb in March 2020. Previously, he worked at the EU Court of Justice (Luxembourg) in the Chambers of President K. Lenaerts and Advocate General M. Bobek.

Selected Activities

  • Editor of EU Law Live’s Competition Corner and the Chillin’ Competition Symposia
  • Asociación Española para el Estudio del Derecho Europeo (AEDEUR)

  • Asociación Española para la Defensa de la Competencia (AEDC)


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Organizer and juror of the Rubén Perea Writing Award with the Chillin’ Competition Blog and the Oxford Journal of European Competition Law and Practice, 09/2020 – present

DG Competition Conference - Young Experts 22: Taking Competition Policy into the Future, 02/2022

XXIX FIDE Congress, Seminar for Young Academics and Practitioners, Panel on Competition Law and Digitisation, Europa Institute of Leiden Law School, The Hague, 21/05/2021