Dirk Schroeder’s practice focuses on EU and competition law including EU and German merger control, cartels, and monopolies.

He represents clients before the European Commission, the German Federal Cartel Office, the European Courts and German courts. He has extensive experience in the postal, telecommunications, media, chemical, oil, energy, and health care industries.

Dirk joined the firm as a partner in 2003 and became a senior counsel in 2022.

Notable Experiences

  • Baxter, a health care company, on various competition law issues including on the merger control aspects of its acquisition of Gambro.

  • Deutsche Telekom in its appeal before the General Court and the Court of Justice of the EU regarding an EU Commission decision concerning Slovak Telekom’s behavior on broadband internet access markets.

  • The Dow Chemical Company on various matters, including Dow and DuPont’s merger of equals.

  • International Post Corporation with respect to intercompany pricing in the postal industry.

  • Masco Corporation in the appeal against the European Commission’s decision finding an infringement of EU competition law in the bathroom fixtures and fittings sector before the Court of Justice of the European Union.

  • Otis Elevators (a UTC company) on a number of follow-on damages claims related to the elevator cartel before various German local courts.

  • Valeo on a follow-on damages claim related to the thermal systems cartel before the First Regional Court in Munich.

  • Whiteland in preliminary ruling proceedings before the Court of Justice of the EU brought by the Romanian Court of Justice.

  • Several industry associations on the antitrust aspects of their activities.

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  • Co-editor, Frankfurter Kommentar zum Kartellrecht
  • Co-editor, Wirtschaft und Wettbewerb, 2006-2022

  • Professor, University of Cologne
  • Board Member, Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht (German competition law association), 2000-2018, Honorary Member since 2019
  • Member, Professional Rules Committee, Deutscher AnwaltVerein (German Lawyers Association), 1988-2018


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