Matt Solomon joined the firm as a partner after serving for 15 years as a white-collar prosecutor and unit chief with the U.S. Department of Justice and as a senior enforcement official with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission—most recently as the SEC’s Chief Litigation Counsel.

At Cleary, Matt represents global financial institutions, public and private companies (foreign and domestic), private equity firms, asset managers, and individual corporate executives and employees on a broad range of issues and disputes spanning from regulatory compliance and remediation advice to advocacy and litigation against the government and private parties. Matt leverages his high-level government experience as both a former federal prosecutor and supervisor and SEC enforcement official to vigorously represent his clients’ interests before a broad range of criminal and regulatory authorities, including the SEC, DOJ, CFTC, FINRA, and State Attorneys General.

Matt has tried more than 20 cases to verdict, including as lead counsel in complex, white-collar jury trials in the District of Columbia, the Northern District of California, the Eastern District of Kentucky, and the District of Puerto Rico. He has also briefed and argued cases in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, the First Circuit, and the Seventh Circuit.

Prior to joining Cleary, Matt served as the SEC’s Deputy Chief Litigation Counsel in 2012 before being promoted to Chief Litigation Counsel in 2013. As the agency’s top litigator, Matt led the SEC’s 150-attorney national trial unit and supervised the SEC’s litigated cases in federal court and administrative proceedings. Matt regularly interacted with the SEC enforcement staff nationwide in relation to complex issues arising in investigations and counseled the directors of the SEC’s Enforcement Division as well as its specialized divisions, including the Divisions of Corporation Finance and Trading and Markets, on issues relating to litigation strategy and risk.

Before joining the SEC, Matt served in prominent positions over nearly a decade with the DOJ, including as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, as the Chief of the Fraud Unit for the 350-lawyer U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, and as an Honors Program trial attorney in the Criminal Division’s Public Integrity Section. He also spent nearly two years (on detail from the DOJ) serving as Counsel to the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee where he worked on criminal law and national securities issues.

Notable Experiences

Select Entity Investigations and Litigations

  • A cryptocurrency exchange platform in connection with multiple government investigations.

  • Nissan Motor Corp. in an SEC investigation and subsequent resolution in connection with former CEO Carlos Ghosn’s arrest and indictment in Japan

  • T-Mobile U.S. and Deutsche Telekom in a multi-week federal trial brought by a coalition of state attorneys general challenging the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, which, after a favorable verdict clearing the merger, resulted in a combined company with an enterprise value of $146 billion.

  • A Fortune 100 company in connection with an SEC inquiry into cyber-related issues.

  • OPKO Health, Inc., a publicly-traded healthcare company, in an SEC investigation, federal court litigation and resolution, and in connection with related derivative and class action litigation.

  • Old Ironsides Energy, a private equity firm, in connection with an SEC investigation and resolution.

  • Medytox Inc., a global pharmaceutical company, in Indiana state court litigation in connection with misappropriation of trade secrets allegations. 

  • Virtu Financial, Inc., a financial services company, in connection with several regulatory matters before the SEC and various exchanges and in connection with several SEC resolutions.

  • Citibank, N.A., in connection with multiple regulatory investigations.

  • An international beauty company in connection with an SEC investigation into sales and accounting practices.

  • A regional U.S. bank in connection with a DOJ, SEC, and Federal Reserve Board investigation arising out of the reporting of potential related-party transactions.

  • A public company in connection with an SEC inquiry following an accounting restatement.

  • A public company in connection with an SEC investigation into potential proxy violations related to perquisites.

  • A ratings agency in connection with an SEC investigation and resolution.

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Select Individual Representations

  • The current CEO of Ripple Labs, Inc., in connection with an SEC investigation and on-going federal court litigation against the SEC in the Southern District of New York relating to cryptocurrency-related issues.

  • A Fortune 100 CEO in connection with corporate governance issues.

  • A hedge fund manager in connection with an SEC investigation and resolution related to short-selling allegations.

  • A former CFO of a multi-billion-dollar European hedge fund in connection with an SEC investigation.

  • A former CFO of a global shipping company in connection with a DOJ and SEC investigations into potential accounting and procurement fraud.

  • A former senior vice-president of a global engineering company in connection with DOJ and SEC investigations into potential accounting fraud.

  • A partner at a Big Four accounting firm in connection with a PCAOB auditor independence inquiry.

  • A U.S. congressman in connection with a federal public corruption investigation.

  • A procurement official of a global telecommunications company in connection with DOJ and SEC investigations into potential accounting fraud.

  • A former senior financial analyst at a Fortune 100 company in connection with an SEC investigation into potential accounting fraud.

  • The owner of a global hospitality company in connection with a federal public corruption trial in the District of New Jersey.

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Select Compliance/Advisory Matters

  • Retained as an expert witness in connection with a New York Supreme Court trial involving a dispute between hedge fund partners and their former fund.

  • Retained to train securities traders nationwide at a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund on civil and criminal insider trading laws.

  • Advised numerous U.S. issuers in relation to an SEC cyber sweep.

  • Advised a Fortune 100 company in connection with redesigning its global compliance and investigative policies and procedures in multiple jurisdictions.

  • Advised a global financial institution on the efficacy of its information walls to guard against the improper use of material non-public information.

  • Conducted a privileged analysis of a multi-billion-dollar private equity fund’s fee and expense allocations between funds.

  • Advised a global hospitality company on its anti-corruption policies and procedures.

  • Advised multiple global financial institutions and investment advisers in connection with revisions to whistleblower and anti-retaliation policies and procedures.

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Selected Activities

  • Steering Committee Member, 2021 Forum on SEC Enforcement, Cambridge Forums
  • Barrister, Edward Bennett Williams Inn of Court


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