Maurits Dolmans’ practice focuses on EU, UK and international competition law, especially in high-tech and EU intellectual property law, and sustainability.

He has extensive experience in information technology, internet, telecom, media and entertainment, as well as in energy and financial services. He has appeared in proceedings before the European Commission and the EU courts, national courts and national competition authorities of several Member States, and ICC and NAI arbitrations.

Many of his competition cases involve multi-sided platforms, high-tech products, new economy services, licensing or refusals to license, standardization, IP strategy, access to networks, mergers, joint ventures and other transactions, intellectual property arbitration and litigation, abuses of dominance, vertical agreements and cartels.

Maurits joined the firm in 1985 and became a partner in 1994.

Notable Experience

  • IBM in its $34 billion acquisition of RedHat.

  • The Walt Disney Co. in obtaining approval from the European Commission for its $71.3 billion acquisition of certain 21st Century Fox assets, including 21st Century Fox’s film and television studios and cable and international TV businesses.

  • Google in a wide range of matters involving alleged abuse of dominance relating to search, advertising, Android licensing and patent strategy; and in the European Commission and national investigations involving dozens of different complaints and covering virtually all aspects of Google’s business.

  • Google in various transactions, as well as obtaining EU clearance for acquisitions such as Motorola and UK clearance for acquisitions such as Waze.

  • Various complainants in cases against Qualcomm’s practices in several jurisdictions worldwide relating to FRAND licensing for standards and pricing practices, including the EU, the U.S., Korea and China, including European Commission and Korean Free Trade Commission cases resulting in orders to change business practices, and associated appeals by Qualcomm.

  • NVIDIA in merger proceedings before the European Commission leading to the unconditional authorization of its $6.8 billion acquisition of Mellanox.

  • NVIDIA in competition proceedings against Qualcomm before the European Commission and a damage claim in the High Court against Qualcomm for abuse of dominance relating to pricing practices.

  • HarperCollins in the OFT and European Commission e-book investigations.

  • HP Enterprise and HP Inc. in various transactions and matters, including an OFT market study into government procurement of ICT.

  • Various complainants in connection with patent practices by non-practicing entities and privateers.

  • IBM in various transactions and proceedings, including its successful defense against a series of high-profile antitrust complaints before the European Commission, in the area of mainframe emulation, mainframe pricing and maintenance services for mainframes.

  • Major media companies and studios in various matters including EU investigations in cross-border licensing of online content.

  • Various Microsoft cases: IBM, Google, RealNetworks, trade association ECIS, SIIA and others on a successful European Commission investigation against the bundling of operating systems and media players and browsers, denial of interoperability between clients and servers, and patent strategy matters, including various appeals before the European Courts confirming the Commission decisions.

  • Google and others in various patent litigations and IP strategic matters, including investigations by the European Commission.

  • Texas Instruments and Broadcom in proceedings in the EU and U.S. against Qualcomm for breach of undertakings given in connection with the licensing of patents for 3G mobile telephone standards worldwide, including successful appeal proceedings in the United States and settlements resulting in payment above $2 billion to our clients.

  • Sony in various matters, including in an Article 101/102 investigation into Blu-ray and HD-DVD standard setting.

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Selected Activities

  • Member, Law Society of England and Wales
  • Member, American Bar Association

  • Member, Brussels Bar Association
  • Member, International Bar Association
  • Member, New York State Bar Association
  • Member, Rotterdam Bar Association


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