Nicholas Levy’s practice focuses on EU and UK antitrust law.

Consistently recognized by Chambers as one of the leading antitrust lawyers in Europe, Nicholas was named Global Competition Review’s “Dealmaker of the Year” in 2015.

He has extensive experience in notifying mergers and joint ventures under the EU Merger Regulation, coordinating the notification of international transactions, and advising on all aspects of antitrust law, including anti-cartel enforcement, collaborative arrangements, vertical agreements, and unilateral conduct.

Nicholas joined the firm in 1990 and became a partner in 1999.

Notable Experience

  • Abbott Laboratories on its acquisitions of Solvay Pharmaceuticals, St. Jude Medical, and Alere.

  • AbbVie on its acquisition of Pharmacyclics.

  • BASF in its successful appeal of a European Commission cartel decision.

  • Caterpillar in a successfully concluded European Commission antitrust investigation.

  • Celanese in connection with a European Commission investigation into the ethylene sector.

  • Chemours in a successfully concluded European Commission antitrust investigation.

  • The Coca-Cola Company in its landmark settlement with the European Commission.

  • DuPont in transactions involving ICI, Hoechst, Sabanci, Agfa, Teijin, Dow, and others.

  • Ecolab in a challenge to a decision of the UK Competition and Markets Authority.

  • Euronext on the then-proposed merger of London Stock Exchange and Deutsche Börse.

  • Goodyear on a transaction with Sumitomo.

  • Google in the European Commission’s investigation into its Android business and appeal to the General Court.

  • HCA in its successful challenge to a decision of the UK Competition and Markets Authority.

  • Heinz on a European antitrust investigation.

  • IMS Health (now IQVIA) on its landmark appeal of a European Commission decision and transactions with Cegedim and Quintiles.

  • Johnson Controls on its combination with Tyco.

  • Lafarge on a UK joint venture with Anglo American and its merger with Holcim.

  • Molson Coors on its acquisition of assets from AB InBev and SABMiller.

  • NYSE Euronext on its then-contemplated merger with Deutsche Börse.

  • Ryanair on its then-proposed acquisition of, and minority shareholding in, Aer Lingus.

  • Sony in the formation of SONY BMG and its acquisition of EMI Music Publishing.

  • UTC on General Electric’s then-proposed acquisition of Honeywell.

  • The Walt Disney Company in connection with a UK investigation into the pay-TV sector.

  • Whirlpool in the sale of its Embraco refrigeration compressors business to Nidec.

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