Thomas Graf’s practice focuses on EU competition law, regulatory affairs, and intellectual property law.

His experience includes work in a number of industries, including, IT, pharmaceuticals, media, sports rights, energy and engineering. He has represented clients in many landmark cases before the European Commission, national competition authorities and the European courts.

Thomas joined the firm in 2000 and became a partner in 2009.

Notable Experiences

  • Google in three investigations before the EU Commission (Shopping; Android and AdSense), and related litigation. The investigations are considered to be the most prominent case of the decade. Thomas also leads the appeal against the Shopping case.

  • RealNetworks in its successful intervention in the European Commission’s Microsoft investigation and follow-on litigation before the General Court.

  • IBM in its successful defense against complaints brought by mainframe emulator companies PSI, T3 Technologies, and TurboHercules relating to alleged refusal to license and tying and against a complaint brought by Neon Enterprise relating to alleged exclusionary pricing.

  • Merck & Co, Inc. in its notification of its merger with Schering-Plough before the European Commission; the European Commission’s pharmaceutical sector inquiry; and preliminary ruling proceedings before the European Court of Justice regarding the interpretation of Directive 89/105/EEC.

  • MSD UK in an investigation of the UK competition authority relating to allegations of exclusionary pricing practices.

  • SONY in the merger control proceedings related to its acquisition of EMI Music Publishing; SONY and SONY BMG in the successful appeal proceedings before the European Court of Justice confirming the validity of the formation of the SONY BMG recorded music joint venture; and SONY BMG in the successful rejection of complaints brought before the Commission with regard to sale of online music through Apple’s iTunes platform.

  • The International Olympic Committee in the Commission’s sector inquiry into the licensing of sports rights for 3G mobile phones.

  • Danske Statsbaner (DSB), the national Danish railway company, in successful trademark litigation before the European General Court and the European Court of Justice.

  • Caterpillar in its successful defense of its spare parts distribution system against complaints by Haladjian before the European General Court.

  • Equant in its successful appeal to the European General Court against an European Commission procurement decision relating to a major network infrastructure project.

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  • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Kluwer Competition Law


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