Till Müller-Ibold’s practice focuses on EU law, where he specializes in certain areas of competition law (such as EU scrutiny of state aid), EU sanctions regulation, public procurement, anti-dumping and trade law, as well as in the representation of private parties and government entities in the European Courts.

Till joined the firm in 1991, became a partner in 2004 and became senior counsel in 2016. Prior to Cleary, he worked for Boesebeck Droste Rechtsanwälte in Düsseldorf where he practiced German commercial law and German private international law.

Notable Experience

State Aid

  • AES on alleged State aid to a power generation project, dealing with issues of legitimate expectations, relevance of bilateral investment treaties, etc.

  • Alcoa on a EU Commission State aid investigation of electricity tariffs paid by Alcoa smelters in Italy and in Spain, in the framework of the complex regulatory structures in Italy of energy pricing and energy tariffs (incl. Litigation before the European Courts in this regard).

  • Belgian Railways on a infrastructure project, connecting the Brussels Airport to the high speed rail network and respective State aid issues.

  • City of London and Transport for London regarding a dispute over the privatization of the London Underground, in particular public procurement and State aid issues.

  • LG Philips LCD in connection with the notification to and approval by the EU Commission of investment aid for a “large project” granted for a greenfield investment into a new LCD manufacturing plant in Poland.

  • Mercer and ZSG regarding investment aid for a new pulp mill in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany), including in an intervention before the European Court of First Instance in support of the EU Commission’s decision to authorize €250 million of State aid, including complex arrangements for new gas, electricity, and rail.

  • OKD, a Czech coal producer in connection with alleged State aid upon its privatization.

  • Orange (formerly Equant) in various procurement proceedings vis-à-vis the Institutions of the EU, incl. its successful appeal to the European General Court against an European Commission procurement decision relating to a major network infrastructure project.

  • TVO on State aid and public procurement aspects in connection with the construction of a new nuclear reactor in Finland (the first of its kind in Europe in decades).

  • Zelezara Smederevo (a steel company in Serbia) on State aid advice in connection with Serbia’s European Union accession negotiations.

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International Trade

  • Ajinomoto in connection with trade matters associated with the production and trade in monosodium glutamate in Indonesia and China.

  • Tosoh in connection with anti-dumping duties on imports of electrolytic manganese dioxide.

  • A number of financial institutions in the Gulf region in connection with EU financial sanctions against Syria, Iran, and other countries.

  • A number of clients on export control and financial sanctions issues in relation to the sanctions imposed against (inter alia) Syria, Libya, and Iran, as well as those recently imposed in connection with the crisis in Ukraine.

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  • Member, Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Europarecht
  • Member, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Rechtsvergleichung
  • Member, Deutsch-Amerikanische Juristen-Vereinigung
  • Lecturer, EC law, University of Hamburg


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