Cleary Breakfast: Recent and Coming Changes in the Italian Competition Law Framework

The State of the Art in Light of the Italian Legislative Decree No. 185/2021 and the Draft of the Annual Competition Law

June 9, 2022

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Italian Legislative Decree No. 185/2021, which entered into force on December 14, 2021, provided the Italian Competition Authority (“ICA”) with new instruments aimed at strengthening the ICA’s investigative and sanctioning powers. This development comes at a momentous point in the evolution of the Italian competition law framework, which will be further enhanced by the planned adoption of the Annual Competition Law, which includes far-reaching reforms in the ICA’s enforcement powers as regards both antitrust and merger control.

Alessandro Comino and Natalia Latronico provided an overview of the main substantive changes stemming or expected from the abovementioned legislative reforms.

The seminar was part of the Cleary Breakfast series.