Cleary Breakfast: Recent Developments in Consumer Protection Law: From the Modernization Directive to Greenwashing

December 14, 2023

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Consumer law is undergoing a constant evolution, because of several recent reforms, mostly at the European level, which aim to respond to the challenges coming from the developments in the industry. The enforcement powers of consumer law have been significantly strengthened with the transposition of the so-called Modernization or Omnibus Directive (Directive (EU) 2019/2161), which also introduced several relevant new substantive rules. The legislation on the legal guarantee of conformity has also been modernized, with the transposition of Directives (EU) 2019/770 and 2019/771. Two proposals for EU directives are also currently undergoing: one on empowering consumers for the green transition through better protection against unfair practices and better information, and one on the so-called “green claims.”

We discussed these developments, as well as their impact on the Italian legal system, with Cleary Gottlieb’s team composed of Federica Mammì Borruto, Arianna Moreschini, and Pietro Cutaia, led by Fausto Caronna.

The seminar was part of the Cleary Breakfast series.