A Practitioner's Guide to Syndicated Lending, 1st Edition

Consultant Editor: Andrew Shutter

January 1, 2010

This book provides an understanding of the fundamental commercial and legal principles forming the basis for syndicated lending across the range of corporate borrowers. Following the life cycle of a syndicated loan, the book deals not only with setting up and managing syndicated loan agreements but also what to do when things go wrong. It includes many practical examples, a detailed glossary and a list of frequently asked questions.

Cleary Gottlieb partners and other leading lawyers have contributed various chapters including:

  • “Getting Started - Why Use a Syndicated Loan?” and “The Future,” by Andrew Shutter.

  • “Interactions With Other Creditors: Subordination and Intercreditor Arrangements,” by David Billington.

  • “Agreeing the Business Deal,” by Glen Scarcliffe.

  • “Syndicate Democracy in Good Times and Bad,” by Eng-Lye Ong (co-author).

  • “Variations on a Theme: Key Issues in Different European Jurisdictions (France, Germany, Italy),” by Valérie Lemaitre, Carlo de Vito Piscicelli and Christoph Schauenberg.

  • “How Things are Different Outside Europe: USA/Asia,” by Meme Peponis, Duane McLaughlin, David D Suh, Filip Moerman and Sang Jin Han.

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