Class & Collective Action Group Newsletter

March 2, 2022

Welcome to the March 1, 2022 edition of our Class & Collective Action Group Newsletter, a briefing on recent developments in the class and collective action space.

In this edition, we cover the Supreme Courts decision to vacate and remand in light of TransUnion the Fourth Circuits decision granting class certification in Alig v. Quicken Loans Inc. We additionally cover the Fifth Circuits decision in Earl v. Boeing Co. granting a complete stay of discovery pending the appeal of class certification. We also cover the First Circuits decision in Waters v. Day & Zimmerman NPS, Inc. holding that the Supreme Courts ruling in Bristol-Myers Squibb limiting state courts’ exercise of personal jurisdiction with respect to out-of-state plaintiffs does not extend to cases filed in federal court. Finally, we cover a California district court decision in Stoyas v. Toshiba Corp. denying class certification of a securities fraud action where class representatives had not purchased unsponsored ADRs in a domestic transaction.

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