Cleary Gottlieb Blogs

May 3, 2023

The Cleary Antitrust Watch provides updates and insights on global legal developments related to abuse, cartels, mergers & acquisitions, policy & procedure, private enforcement, State aid & subsidies, vertical agreements, and more.

The Cleary Cybersecurity and Privacy Watch provides updates and insights on cybersecurity and privacy matters, including developments in laws and enforcement practices, strategies for managing compliance and risks, and minimizing the costs and efforts of compliance.

The Cleary Enforcement Watch provides updates and analysis on critical enforcement, white-collar, and related regulatory developments, as well as strategies for improving compliance programs and conducting risk assessments.

The Cleary FinTech Update provides updates and insights on the fast-moving world of FinTech legal, policy, and business developments.

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The Cleary Foreign Investment and International Trade Watch provides updates and insights on international trade and sanctions matters, including developments on Brexit, WTO, multilateral and bilateral trade activities, U.S. and European economic sanctions, and other major economic shifts affecting international regulatory regimes and the global business environment.

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The Cleary IP and Technology Insights blog provides updates on issues raised by IP, technology and data. Cleary offers a complete range of legal service for companies seeking to license, commercialise, exploit, acquire and protect their technology and IP.

The Cleary M&A and Corporate Governance Watch provides updates and insights on M&A and corporate governance matters, including developments in shareholder activism, corporate law, and deal structuring as well as trends in the drafting of M&A agreements.