Cleary's Pharma Bites: Contingent Value Rights (CVRs) in Pharmaceutical Deals

June 13, 2024

Cleary Gottlieb’s Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Healthcare group is pleased to present the latest installment of its “Pharma Bites” series: Contingent Value Rights (CVRs) in Pharmaceutical Deals.

  • Of the deals that have either fully or partially paid out or have expired (and for which payout information is available) (30 out of 65 total deals), 4 have fully paid out to CVR holders, and 6 have made partial payment.
  • Milestones must be carefully constructed so that they capture the intended outcomes for all parties involved. Narrow or vague milestones can result in outcomes that lead to frustration and litigation.
  • The vast majority of CVRs are not listed or tradeable.
  • Parties should carefully consider the pros and cons of including vs. disclaiming efforts standards and whether to use objective vs. subjective efforts standards.

    There are also a variety of approaches to other key terms to consider, including whether to include audit rights and who bears the costs of audits. 
  • Litigation risk exists in any situation where the CVR is not paid out in full, which can include claims for securities fraud or breach of contract.

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Cleary’s Pharma Bites series seeks to provide critical updates on a wide range of antitrust, regulatory, arbitration, and litigation issues in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology space.

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