Requests From Authorities and Common Issues in Responding

March 28, 2023


The onset of a crisis frequently coincides with an investigation by a regulatory authority or law enforcement agency, or even separate investigations by multiple authorities. Those investigations usually start with a request for information or documents. Handling these requests well is critical, as it can define the whole scope of the investigation and set the tenor of the dialogue between the investigator and the company.

For the company under investigation, there are two main objectives at this early stage:

  • To get the authority what it needs efficiently while maintaining credibility
  • To limit the extent of inquiry to avoid a burdensome and wide-ranging investigation

Analysis of law and practice in China was contributed by David Gu and Yingyun Chen of JunHe LLP.

Analysis of law and practice in Switzerland was contributed by Anja Vogt and Livia Säuberli of Niederer Kraft Frey.

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