Training and Mentoring

At Cleary, we have designed a number of formal structures to ensure that all our trainees feel fully supported from the day they join the firm:

  • Each of our trainees is assigned a partner mentor who is responsible for delivering regular performance feedback throughout the course of the training contract, in conjunction with the nominated trainee supervisors. Partner mentors work closely with their trainee mentees to understand their developing practice preferences and collaborate with the Trainee Committee to make decisions on seat rotation.
  • Each of our trainees is assigned an associate mentor and a trainee mentor, providing a ready-made system of practical and pastoral support.
  • At the beginning of each new seat, our trainees receive a formal induction by the nominated trainee supervisor. This induction is supported by a series of formal trainings coordinated and delivered by each specific practice.
  • During the course of the training contract, our trainees can expect to have a formal performance review every six months, when they are encouraged to consider their professional development needs and seek out appropriate opportunities to continue this development. Trainees also receive regular informal feedback.
  • In London, our Cluster Network programme brings together lawyers at varying levels of seniority from across the office. This programme aims to provide all participants, including trainees, with an opportunity to find mentors among the senior, junior and peer population and expands individuals’ networks and resources.