Working in London

One of the UK’s most successful exports is English law and the main centre for that export is London.

English law is chosen by parties to complex cross-border transactions from across the globe. Whatever the future brings, London will continue to have a store of human capital and expertise in English law that is unmatched in the rest of the world.

Cleary’s London office reflects the work of London as a whole. Whether we are working on the terms of agreements that will seal the mergers or acquisitions of global companies (most frequently neither of which is headquartered in London) or govern the terms of loans, bonds or other securities of companies or sovereigns, our work is almost always international. The people in our office also come from across the world and reflect the cosmopolitan nature of London.

London is also a centre for legal innovation. If a financial product or business technique was not invented in London, then London will most likely be where it next came and where it was further developed. 

As a place to live London also provides lots of choices: high-rise Canary Wharf, hip Hoxton, multilingual Kensington, cultured Bloomsbury, or leafy villages like Hampstead and Wimbledon.