Cleary Gottlieb Competition Law Newsletters Ranked No. 1 by In-House Counsel

December 23, 2020

Cleary Gottlieb’s Competition Law Newsletters have been ranked No. 1 by in-house counsel in a survey conducted by Concurrences.

Concurrences surveyed 6,500 in-house counsel worldwide between November and December 2019 as part of its Antitrust Writing Awards 2020. They were asked to choose their favorite antitrust publications overall, as well as respond to questions regarding other publication categories.

Cleary also earned the following rankings from Concurrences as part of its report:

  • No. 2 for cartel coverage
  • No. 3 for readership
  • No. 3 for case coverage
  • No. 3 globally for antitrust publications
  • No. 4 for private enforcement coverage
  • No. 5 for mergers coverage
  • No. 15 for IP and antitrust coverage
  • No. 21 for Asian antitrust coverage
  • No. 22 for jurisdiction coverage
  • No. 29 for accessibility of publications

The Concurrences Antitrust Newsletters Rankings assist practitioners in selecting the alerts and other law firm publications that are most relevant to their practice.

For more information on the rankings, click here.