A Sustainable Recovery for Europe: The EU’s Green Deal

July 9, 2020

The European Green Deal is a comprehensive roadmap seeking to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by cutting greenhouse gas emissions (50% to 55% by 2030, and zero net emissions by 2050), improving the health and well-being of citizens and protecting the environment and wildlife.

An acceleration of existing goals and measures on climate action and environmental protection, the Green Deal makes new funds available, proposes new legislation and represents a bold ambition to prioritize climate goals in EU policy-making. Its broad scope includes a combination of funding measures, regulatory reform and policy proposals covering the energy, transportation, agriculture, construction and financial sectors, among others. Although the Green Deal was introduced prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Commission has reiterated that sustainability considerations, including those that form part of the Green Deal, are expected to play a major role in the pandemic recovery efforts.

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