A Practitioner’s Guide to Syndicated Lending, 2nd Edition

November 21, 2017

Cleary Gottlieb lawyers from our Abu Dhabi, Brussels, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Milan, New York, and Paris offices contributed to the 2nd Edition of A Practitioner’s Guide to Syndicated Lending.

The book explores the following topics:

  • Getting Started - Why Use a Syndicated Loan?
  • Basic Principles of Syndicated Lending: Financing Through the Risk Spectrum
  • Capital Adequacy and Bank Supervision
  • Enhancing the Credit
  • Interactions with other Creditors: Subordination and Intercreditor Arrangements
  • Adding Bells and Whistles - Letters of Credit and Other Facility Types
  • Agreeing the Business Deal
  • How to Sell the Deal
  • When do the Lenders have to Lend
  • Making the Loan – the Theory and Mechanics of Syndicated Lending
  • Trading the Loans and Commitments
  • Protecting the Credit without Strangling the Business
  • When Can the Lenders Get Their Money Back and What If They Don’t Want It?
  • Syndicate Democracy in Good Times and Bad
  • Defaults and Restructurings: What Happens When it All Goes Wrong
  • Variations on a Theme: Key Issues in Different European Jurisdictions (France, Germany, Italy)
  • How Things are Different Outside Europe: USA/Asia
  • The Future as it looked in 2009; The Future as it looks in 2017

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