Chris Macbeth has a broad commercial practice that includes cross-border M&A and private equity and funds, including LP investments, co-investments and direct investments (including infrastructure investments) by institutional investors and investments by funds.

Throughout his career he has developed a multijurisdictional practice, particularly in emerging markets, with more than a decade of focus on the MENA region. He has extensive experience representing Middle East sovereign wealth funds in their investments across a wide range of sectors and geographies.

Chris joined the firm in 2006, became a counsel in 2013, and became a partner in 2020. From 2006 to 2012, he was resident in the London office.

Notable Experiences

  • A consortium of selling shareholders led by Mansour Ojjeh and TAG Airport Limited on the sale of TAG Farnborough Airport to Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 6.

  • Several leading GCC sovereign wealth funds in numerous multibillion-dollar funds, investment, and co-investment transactions.

  • Abu Dhabi Investment Authority in connection with its participation in a consortium with EQT Fund Management S.à.r.l. and other renowned institutional investors, in exclusive negotiations to acquire Nestlé Skin Health from Nestlé S.A. for an enterprise value of CHF 10.2 billion.

  • Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and TPG Capital in connection with their $1.2 billion joint equity investment into UPL Corporation Limited (UPLC), a wholly-owned subsidiary and the international arm of UPL Limited.

  • TAG Group Limited in a transaction involving the simultaneous settlement of litigation with Ron Dennis, the £275 million acquisition of his stakes in McLaren Technology Group Limited (MTGL) and McLaren Automotive Limited (MAL), the bringing together of MTGL and MAL and their respective subsidiaries under the new holding company, McLaren Group Limited, and a related £564 million bond offering.

  • Philip Morris International in its acquisition of 49 percent of the shares of Arab Investors-TA for $625 million, as well as in its agreement with Trans-Emirates Trading & Investment (FZC) to create a new cigarette manufacturing and distribution joint venture in Egypt.

  • Warid Telecom International in the $758 million sale of its 30% percent interest in Warid Telecom (Private) Limited to Singapore Telecomunications Limited, giving Warid Telecom an enterprise value of $2.9 billion.

  • Warid Telecom International in the merger of Warid and Mobilink, the first merger in the mobile telecommunications sector in Pakistan.

  • OMV in connection with its purchase of a 15% stake in ADNOC Refining, giving the unit an enterprise value of $19.3 billion.

  • OCI in its strategic partnership with ADNOC, combining ADNOC Fertilizer with OCI’s MENA nitrogen fertilizer platform to form a new joint venture. The joint venture will become the largest export-focused nitrogen fertilizer platform globally.

  • Silk Road Fund in subsidiary CVXF’s $155 million acquisition of a 49% stake in ACWA Power Renewable Energy.

  • Agilent Technologies in its $2.2 billion acquisition of Danish cancer diagnostics company Dako A/S.

  • TPG in its £1.3 billion sale of Turkish spirits manufacturer Mey İçki Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. to Diageo plc.

  • Istithmar in its global joint venture with Education Media and Publishing Group Limited (EMPG) to form the vehicle EMPG International Limited.

  • Henkel in its £2.7 billion acquisition of the adhesives and electronic and engineering materials businesses of Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI).

  • UniCredit on the establishment of the first ADGM branch of an international bank.

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