Our Mission

Cleary Gottlieb has always prioritized Well-Being, and in 2020 we formally launched our global Well-Being department. The department is an integrated resource supporting personal and professional growth for all members of the Cleary community.

We approach well-being from a holistic perspective and across a framework of four specific areas of content: Connection, Guidance, Support, and Health.

Global Well-Being Wheel Graphic-Circle-1200x675px

  • Connection: We aspire to build connection on multiple levels: within ourselves, between colleagues, and to our firm values and priorities.
  • Guidance and Support: We seek to build knowledge and awareness of well-being through training and educational sessions, cultivate a supportive environment in which we can discuss all aspects of well-being, and ensure employees know how to access and use our many mental health and well-being resources.
  • Health: We recognize the importance of the integrated relationship between physical and mental health and take a holistic approach when offering learning opportunities focused on the multidimensional aspects of well-being, including the impact of nutrition, sleep, and exercise on wellness.

Our mission is to empower and enable members of the Cleary Gottlieb community to work well. We organize this work into our key objectives:

  • Educate lawyers and professional staff on a variety of well- being topics. 
  • Enable our colleagues to invest in their well-being through tools, tips, and awareness.
  • Enhance the overall Cleary experience & Energize the global conversation around well-being.

Overall, our goal is to successfully contribute to a work culture where mental and physical well-being are open topics; well-being resources are accessible and stigma-free; and the behavior of all lawyers and staff is expected to promote and support general well-being. Additionally, our team works to meet and exceed Cleary’s commitment to all tenets of the ABA Well-Being Pledge.