Luke Barefoot’s practice focuses on bankruptcy litigation, insolvency, corporate restructuring, and related litigation matters, with a focus on cross-border and international bankruptcy disputes.

Luke represents both debtors and creditors in restructuring matters, particularly contested matters where developing and executing on a litigation strategy can drive outcomes and recoveries. He is also active in the firm’s pro bono practice.

Luke joined the firm in 2004 and became a partner in 2013.

Notable Experience

  • LATAM Airlines Group and its affiliates in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and the United States in the voluntary reorganization and restructuring of their debt under Chapter 11 protection in the United States.

  • Alto Maipo SpA, a hydroelectric project in Chile, in its pre-arranged Chapter 11 proceedings in Delaware.

  • An ad hoc group of secured bondholders in connection with the hotly contested, but ultimately successful restructuring of Stoneway Capital Corporation, an Argentine energy company.

  • Genesis Global Capital, a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, in its Chapter 11 restructuring proceedings and related litigation matters, many involving issues of foreign law.

  • ESL and Eddie Lampert as largest shareholder and creditor (with over $2.8 billion in claims) in the Sears Holdings Chapter 11 proceedings, including structuring and negotiating a complex credit bid and advising on prepetition transactions and related investigations.

  • Odebrecht S.A. and certain of its affiliates in Chapter 15 proceedings to seek recognition of their Brazilian restructuring plans in the United States.

  • Advised multiple parties in connection with the Grupo Aeroméxico bankruptcy proceedings, including:

    • Apollo Management Holdings, L.P., on behalf of certain of its affiliates and funds, as debtor-in-possession lenders to Grupo Aeroméxico and its affiliated debtors;
    • BBVA in connection with multiple relationships with Aeroméxico;
    • A group of lenders, led by Deutsche Bank as lead arranger, with respect to a $300 million secured term-loan facility; and
    • The largest airport authorities in Mexico. 
  • An ad hoc group of secured project finance lenders in connection with the restructuring, recapitalization, and reorganization of Constellation Oil Services Holding S.A. and its subsidiaries.

  • An ad hoc group of bondholders in connection with the $2.7 billion restructuring of Ocyan S.A.

  • Geoffrey LLC, owner and seller of the intellectual property of the Toys R Us group in the restructuring of the group’s business, including a series of Section 363 sales.

  • Pemex in its successful defense of attempts to pursue discovery in the Oro Negro Chapter 15 proceedings.

  • Steering Committee of bondholders in the Oi Brasil Holdings Cooperatief (Coop) Chapter 15 cases, including successful trial victory maintaining recognition of Brazilian proceeding by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, and entry of order by Chapter 15 court enforcing terms of Brazilian plan.  Decisions established important new precedent on unchartered Chapter 15 issues.

  • P3A in various litigation and third-party discovery matters relating to the transformation of Puerto Rico’s energy system, including advising on litigation matters seeking to impede the concession of its transmission and distribution assets.

  • Petrobras in a securities fraud class action and dozens of related individual actions in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

  • Goldman Sachs Mortgage Company in exit financing facilities in the John Hammonds Trust Chapter 11 proceedings.

  • Overseas Shipholding Group Inc., one of the world’s largest publicly traded oil tanker companies, in its Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings and successful restructuring, including successful defense and resolution of challenges to its plan of reorganization.

  • The Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico in various litigation matters relating to Puerto Rico’s debt crisis.

  • Barclays Capital in its purchase of Lehman’s North American investment banking assets, and various clients in resolving over $1 billion in outstanding derivative claims against the Lehman entities, both before the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and in related European insolvency proceedings.

  • Nortel Networks in its Chapter 11 proceedings, a matter that has involved multiple material asset sales, including the unique and highly successful auctions of its patent portfolio and related businesses, which generated over $7.5 billion in proceeds

  • Truvo Group in winning confirmation of its plan of reorganization, which enabled the cross-border restructuring of approximately €1.5 billion of debt.

  • Noble Group in its successful bid to buy substantially all of the assets of SemFuel, a subsidiary of SemGroup, through a bankruptcy auction.

  • Mittal Family Trust in its acquisition of Escada through bankruptcy proceedings in the U.S. and Europe.

  • Cascade Investment in the Chapter 11 proceedings of its portfolio company, Optim Energy.

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Selected Activities

  • Member, International Insolvency Institute
  • Member, Eastern District of New York Chapter 11 Advisory Committee

  • Editorial Board Member, American Bankruptcy Institute Journal


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