Ferdisha Snagg’s practice focuses on financial services law and regulation.

Ferdisha has a wide range of non-contentious experience advising banks, investment banks, asset managers, and market infrastructures. She regularly advises on a variety of financial services and regulatory issues including financial markets regulation, financial collateral and financial market infrastructure regulation, and banking regulation.

She has written and presented extensively on legal and regulatory issues surrounding distributed ledger technology and cryptoassets.

Prior to joining Cleary, Ferdisha was an associate at another major London law firm. She has also spent time on secondment at three global investment banks and a central bank.

Notable Experience

Previous Experience

  • Global financial institutions on the implementation of EU financial markets and derivatives regulations.

  • Global banks on Basel III requirements and bank restructuring regulation.

  • Numerous institutions on the implications of Brexit.

  • Global banks on securities financing and financial collateral arrangements.

  • Global banks on hedge fund lending and securities depositary requirements.

  • Financial markets infrastructure on new products and rule changes.

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